Business Card Idea

A business card can be a highly effective promotional tool if used correctly, however when given a business card people quite often just put it in a drawer or throw it away. To counter this, a business card needs to stand out from the rest by having either exceptional design or an added benefit. If you are looking for templates, visit our Business Card Templates.

Business Card Magnets

Having a magnetic business card is a simply way to keep people from putting the card in a drawer; rather than place it in a drawer they place it on the fridge. Very simple and quite effective.

Business Card Magnet

Business Card Mouse Pads

Having your contact details displayed on a potential client’s mouse pad can give you daily promotion to that client. If they ever do need a service like yours they will be far more likely to call you than if they had your business card sitting in their drawer. This idea costs a couple of dollars per mouse pad and is most beneficial for IT companies.

Business Card Mouse Pad

Business Card Memory Sticks

Along the same lines as the mouse pads, memory sticks (flash drives) can be produced for a few dollars and may be used by your potential clients daily. If your business details are included on the memory stick you could get a lot of promotion. Once again this idea is more suitable for IT companies.

Business Card Idea

Industry Targeted Added Benefit

Here’s another very unique idea to get your creativity flowing, this business card is for a personal trainer and you need to stretch it to see the contact details. Notice that the added benefit they provide is directly related to their industry.

Business Card PErsonal Trainer

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