Expanding from Naruto to Anime

One of my websites which I discuss here in SEO case studies is www.narutowallpaper.biz which gets about 15,000 uniques per day. Well I am done with Naruto as a topic, the website has plateaued because I rank on the first page of image search for almost every Naruto related keyword – there are no keywords left to target.

Image search is my favored traffic source for wallpaper sites because of the significant amounts of traffic is brings without too much effort. To increase traffic and revenue my options are these: expand my traffic sources, or target a more broad topic than Naruto. Since image search seems like the best traffic source for wallpaper websites I’d rather not find new and different traffic sources, so I’m going to be expanding from Naruto to Anime. Anime is the animation style which Naruto fits in to, so if my topic is Anime I can target 10 or 20 times as many keyword than I can with Naruto, as with an Anime website I can target: Naruto, Dragonball Z, Bleach, One Piece, and the list goes on.

Since I am making this change my focus will no longer be on www.narutowallpaper.biz but will now be on www.downloadanime.biz. Download Anime is an anime wallpapers website and is currently one month old, has about 700 uniques per day and is growing steadily. I am currently adding content, building backlinks, and waiting for the Google ImageBot. Prepare for another SEO case study (some time)!

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