Generating 1000s of quality backlinks by encouraging(!) hotlinking.

If your website revolves around images or video there is one huge opportunity you may not yet have taken advantage of – hotlinkers. Most people try to prevent hotlinking but I encourage it, the reason I encourage hotlinking is because I provide the code people can use to hotlink, and that code includes a link back to my website. If the hotlinker doesn’t modify the code, the backlink will help to boost my search engine rankings and will also bring some direct visitors. This extra traffic I receive will help to pay for the server costs of the hotlinked files and hopefully make a profit on top of that. Let me show an example of the method I use at Naruto Wallpaper.

Encouraging Hotlinking

Notice the input box beneath the wallpaper. The full code listed in the input box is –

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Sasuke Uchiha" /></a><a href="">Naruto Wallpaper</a>

What this code does is display the wallpaper with a suitable alt tag and a link on the image to Naruto Wallpaper. There is also a link listed beneath the image with the anchor text ‘Naruto Wallpaper’ which also links to Naruto Wallpaper. With these two targeted backlinks the rankings for ‘Naruto Wallpaper’ will improve with each new hotlink.

The great thing about this method of backlink generation is that it grows exponentially, as people hotlink your images your search engine rankings improve which in turn brings more visitors to hotlink your images. However, you do have to remember that your bandwidth usage could become huge so monetizing your traffic is essential to cover your server expenses and to generate a profit.

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