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One of my websites, Naruto Wallpaper, recently had its traffic increase from 1,000 to 10,000 uniques per day. The extra traffic encouraged me to improve the monetization on the site and now the website’s revenue has increased by 25 times! This all happened in less than a week, it was because Google image search indexed the site’s images.

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Optimizing for Google image search is not difficult, it just requires good on-page optimization and including the target keywords in the image file-names and alt tags. The hard part is getting the images indexed; while the Google spider indexes pages as quickly as within hours or days, the spider only indexes images every few months. To get your images indexed all you need to do is have some quality backlinks pointing toward the site and wait a few months.

Once your images are indexed you will likely immediately see high rankings for your target keywords in Google Image Search. If you rank on the fifth page for a keyword in the normal SERPs you should rank on the first page in image search, mainly because there is less competition in image search.

The easiest way to succeed with image search is to have lots of images, the more images you have indexed and ranking the more traffic they will bring. Most of the images on Naruto Wallpaper bring 100s of uniques per day while some bring 1000+. Knowing which keywords people search for in image search is not as easy as it is for the normal SERPs so a lot of trial and error, or brute force is required. The more images you have, the more likely you will find the good keywords which bring 1000+ uniques per day.

Once you have lots of traffic coming from Google Image Search you could use the new found traffic to create new backlinks to the site, by encouraging them to hotlink with a free link to your site. Lots of image search visitors will hotlink anyway, so encouraging them to do so WITH a backlink is the way to go. Take a look at what I mean by visiting Naruto Wallpaper – Akatsuki and right click on the page – if you have javascript enabled you should see a red outlines box appear at the top of the page, if has code for people to copy and paste to hotlink this image WITH a backlink.

Each new backlink helps the entire website’s rankings, so if you have a sales page or something similar on the website each backlink will boost your SERPs and in turn, sales.

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