Google PageRank Update – PR0 to PR5.

The Google PageRank update has finally passed and my results have been quite impressive. Marketing Hub is just over a month old so this is the first PR the website has received, the website jumped from no PR to PR5. In comparison to some other marketing related websites PR5 is very good for a one month old website.

Pro BloggerPR6 – 3 Years old

Marketing HubPR5 – 1 Month old (!)
Naruto WallpaperPR5 – 3 Months old (!)
John ChowPR4 – 2 Years old

Sub-Page PageRank Distribution

Even more impressive than the PR5 homepage is that one of the sub-pages, SEO Case Study received a PR6! Quite a few of the sub-pages also received a PR5 such as Top 10 Internet Marketing Tools and the remaining pages received PR0. I got absolutely no PageRanks from 1 to 4, just PR0s, PR5s and a PR6.

What does this mean for my search engine traffic?

The Google PageRank doesn’t directly affect your search engine rankings but backlinks do, and the PageRank is based on backlinks pointing towards your site. The PageRank of your site does however affect your linking power so the websites which I link to (including my own) will receive a bigger search enigne ranking boost compared to a link from a PR4 site, assuming both websites are on the same topic. Because I now have higher linking power, authority websites will be more likely to exchange links with me if I decided to do that.

How did I achieve it?

I don’t have many backlinks to the homepage itself, almost all of the backlinks are pointed towards the sub-pages. My sub-pages received the authority linking power and then passed it onto the homepage because all sub-pages link to the homepage. The main steps I took to achieve were –

  • Submission to industry groups. This got me a couple of targeted PR7 (authority) backlinks.
  • Threads on related forums. Because a lot of my articles are on SEO, Digital Point worked well for me. Having lots of webmasters read the article increases the backlinks from blogs.
  • Submission to social bookmarking sites. I don’t think this would have improved the PR much but it at least brings some traffic and can help to get links from blogs.

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