How to Make a Letterhead

If you own a business you are probably well aware of the importance of creating and utilizing a corporate logo. Not only is this incredibly important for branding purposes, but for general marketing. While most will apply this to business cards and promotional items, others won’t forget that it is equally important for the sake of communications. This means letters, emails, and faxes, which leads us to letterheads.

Creating a letterhead doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive venture. In fact, you can do it yourself for free, and without much hassle. All you need is a general idea of what your own company does, and some basic computer skills, and you are ready to go through the steps.

Step 1 – Create a Logo

The first part to creating a letterhead is establishing a strong logo that can catch the eye of the potential customer, and then stick in their mind. This will always go along the top of any communications that you send, and so it should be consistent, simple to print, and easily recognizable. It should also contain your companies name, phone number, and address. If you are using it for your own personal communications, it can also have your name and personal line.

Step 2 – First Print

This first print will be for the letterhead itself, you should print the background elements of the letterhead 100 or so times. The logo, contact information, and any border you might have should be printed on this run. Make sure there is plenty of empty space to hold your text on the second print run.

Step 3 – Second Print

In order to get the text onto the sheet of paper with your letterhead, you will have to run it through again. Place your letterhead backgrounds back into the printer, making sure they are facing forward with the letterhead showing. You will need to make sure the page margins are correct so that the text fits into the blank area of the letterhead. Following is what steps 2 and 3 should look like.

Letterhead Background

That’s it, just three steps. You can easily create and print your own letterhead, and the best part is that once you have created it, all you have to do is add the text and print against the picture and border in the future. It is a great way to establishing a branding image, and give customers a sense of who you are in your communications.

Make your own letterhead today!

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