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Marketing Hub was recently redesigned, the main reason that I did so was because Marketing Hub used to use a free template and I wanted the website layout to be unique, so it will be more memorable and recognizable. Following are the previous and current designs (click for full size) –

Marketing Hub Old Layout
Marketing Hub Layout

Reasons to Redesign

To have a unique layout was not my only reason to redesign the website, following is all of my reasons –

  • To have a unique layout which is more memorable and recognizable than a free template.
  • I prefer the color blue over brown, hopefully the average visitor does too.
  • I wanted a wider sidebar and content area so I changed from 3 columns to 2 columns.
  • I wanted better on-page SEO.
  • I wanted to add the tabbed javascript ‘POSTS’ box to save space and to just be cool.
  • I wanted to put more focus on my ‘FREEBIES’ in the sidebar.
  • I wanted better ad placement for higher CTR.

In general all of those reasons are that when you have a custom layout you have more control over how you provide your content.

How much did it cost?

It didn’t cost me anything (except time) since I designed and coded it myself, but if I was to hire a professional it would cost about $2000 according to Chris Pearson. Paying $2000 for a layout is only worth it if you have a good business reason to do so, a better reason than ‘to make it look cool’. For example, in my case my ‘FREEBIES’ pages actually make a lot of money compared to my other pages, so by putting focus on these pages which bring the most return (per 1000 impressions) I will benefit financially from the redesign. Whether that extra focus on the well converting pages will make you $2000 you’ll have to decide for yourself. Another business reason to redesign is to reduce bounce rates; if you’re website looks so terrible that visitors leave immediately a good redesign would reduce your bounce rates and in turn increase the revenue you make from your visitors.

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