Profiting from a Wallpaper Website

Creating a wallpaper website can be very profitable; not only can they get a high CTR but they can also get high traffic relatively easily. Visitors to wallpaper websites tend to be internet novices so have very little ad blindness and in turn will often click on well placed ads. These visitors also link back to your website (and hotlink) more often than most people which leads to higher search engine rankings and general refferal traffic. In this article I will discuss how to create a profitable website similar to Naruto Wallpaper running on the script Turnkey Wallpaper Site Creator.

Naruto Wallpaper

Deciding on a Topic – Search Frequency

When deciding on a topic for your wallpaper website you should take into consideration the search frequency of various wallpaper keywords because in 1-3 months time you could be getting a lot of traffic (1000+ uniques per day) from Google if you choose your keywords wisely. To find out the search frequency of keywords I used the tool Keyword Discovery and searched for the word ‘Wallpaper’ although the tool is plural sensitive so you will also want to search for ‘Wallpapers’. Here is the results of that search (click for full view) –

Wallpaper Keywords

You should skim over that list looking for keywords which interest you, which you would enjoy creating a site about. The important thing is that the keyword is on the list so we know that people do search for it.

Deciding on a Topic – High Paying

Working out how much the advertisements will pay per click (CPC) in each topic will take a bit of guess work but this Google AdWords Tool can help to make better estimates. When I say it requires some guessing, I mean that when you are skimming over the list from above you should think to yourself “what ads would be displayed?” and “will they pay highly?”. For example, ‘PSP Wallpaper’ will display PSP game advertisements which could pay decently, ‘Free Wallpaper’ would display advertisements for free things which won’t pay a lot and ‘David Beckham Wallpaper’ would display soccer jersey and soccer ball advertisements which could pay well. Once you’ve taken the search frequency and advertisement CPC into account you can decide on a topic.

SEO – Link Building

Assuming you have uploaded some wallpapers and modified the banner to make your website high quality, you should start link building. There is only three link building techniques which I recommend:

  • Social Bookmarking (StumbleUpon) – StumbleUpon can bring large traffic spikes if the wallpaper and offer are of a high enough standard or out of the ordinary. One wallpaper at brought 5000 unique visitors from StumbleUpon in one day – Sexy Christmas Girls.
  • High Quality Link Exchanges – link exchanges alone are enough to give you decent SERPs, just do 15 or so link exchanges with high PR and high traffic websites in your niche.
  • Waiting – if the wallpapers you offer are good you will generate backlinks organically; people will link to your wallpapers and homepage. Also, it takes at least one month from when you do your link exchanges until your SERPs bring any substantial traffic.

SEO – Capturing Long Tail Searches

If you have done some good link building you should have no trouble ranking for long tail keywords. By long tail keywords I mean not hugely competitive; my main target keyword would be ‘Naruto Wallpaper’ or ‘Naruto’ but one long tail keyword I target is ‘Naruto Uzumaki Wallpaper’. To target this long tail keyword I create a wallpaper about ‘Naruto Uzumaki Wallpaper’, upload it to the website then wait one week and you will start ranking for it. To find more long tail keyword you return to Keyword Discovery but this time search for ‘Naruto Wallpaper’ rather than ‘Wallpaper’. Now create a wallpaper for lots of long tail keywords and soon you will have lots of search engine traffic.

SEO – Image Search

Image search engines have the potential to send huge amounts of traffic to a website, even more so for a wallpaper website. gets 400 uniques per day from Google Image Search but amazingly only 10 images have been indexed, and they are only thumbnail images! If Google ever gets around to indexing the 100+ full sized wallpapers the traffic would be astronomical. Although the problem is that Google seems very slow to index images, NarutoWallpaper’s pages get indexed in 1-2 days of creation but the images take months to be indexed. If you can get your images indexed though, you’ll be laughing. Here’s the best image search engines –

Image Search Sites

Monetization – AdSense

Turnkey Wallpaper Site Creator already has good ad placement, the ads tend to receive between 5% and 25% CTR depending on the source of the traffic and the relevance of the ads. For example, search engine visitors convert far better than more general visitors. The ad blocks on the homepage convert well because they are displayed front and center in the middle of the content.

Ad PlacementAd Placement

Monetization – Link Sales (Optional)

On top of the AdSense revenue a wallpaper site earns you have the option of selling links. As you may or may not know Google discourages selling links especially if it for the reason of passing PageRank, that’s why this section is optional. Turnkey Wallpaper Site Creator includes by default a Partners section which you could add one of two things, paid links or link exchanges. I prefer to stick with link exchanges and focus on AdSense rather than link sales but you always have the option to do both.


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