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Almost one month ago I wrote about how I took from 0 to 400 search engine visitors per day in just over one month in my SEO Case Study. In the one month since I posted the case study NarutoWallpaper’s search engine traffic has more than doubled, from 400 uniques per day to over 1000.

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Constant Growth

One thing that may surprise some of you is that I did no SEO on the website in the past month but the search engine traffic still constantly increased. This is because there are two main parts to SEO, initial on-page optimization and long term backlink building. I did the on-page optimization in the first few weeks of the website being live so that leaves only backlink building for the remaining time period, but if you are providing a quality resource there is no need for backlink building as backlinks happen naturally. Besause I am providing good wallpapers the backlinks will build naturally so there was no need for me to do any SEO for the entire month. As the website aged from 2 months old to 3 months old and some more backlinks started appearing the authority of the website (according to Google) increased and in turn the search engine rankings also increased.

Knowing that nothing happens overnight in SEO will save you a lot of stress, if you are providing a quality resource and have done on-page optimization (and keyword research) you can pretty much sit back and relax for a month or two and your search engine traffic will increase naturally.

A large spike today?

On the 20th of October you can see that the traffic increased from 600 uniques to over 1000, this is because I started ranking higher for my target keywords ‘Naruto Wallpaper’ and ‘Naruto Wallpapers’. For the majority of the month I was ranking 5-10 for those two keywords but on the 20th the rankings jumped to 2 and 3. Once again I didn’t perform any extra SEO to achieve these rankings, I simply did initial SEO, provided a quality resource and waited.

The future

One interesting thing that happened towards the end of the month was that I started ranking 89th for ‘Naruto’. ‘Naruto’ is an extremely competitive term with more competition than ‘Pokemon’ and similar competition to ‘AdSense’. Rank 89 only brings me 10 visitors per day but if I was to reach the first page for ‘Naruto’ is would bring roughly 20,000 uniques per day. Ranking for ‘Naruto’ will be my long term goal, maybe the 6 month or 12 month goal. Ranking for ‘Naruto’ won’t be as easy as sitting back and waiting like with my other keywords, I will need to employ some advanced backlink building strategies such as viral marketing. Or I could simply wait 6 months and maybe I will be able to reach rank 20 but to go further than that would take some substantial effort.

Search engine traffic versus other traffic

If you take a look at the green/red writing below Pages/Visit, Avg. Time on Site, & New Visits and Bounce Rate you can see that my search engine traffic is far better than general traffic; the visitors visit more pages, they stay for longer and they bounce less. This is one of the reasons why I focus so much on SEO, in general the visitors get exactly what they are looking for and will convert better to sales (if you sell something) or advertisement clicks if you display advertisements.

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