The Benefits of a Custom Letterhead

Having a high quality custom letterhead has numerous benefits for a business but many small businesses fail to see these benefits, and think that having custom letterhead, business card and stationary designed is an unnecessary expense. The fact is that the increase in sales and customer retention good design can bring far outweighs the expense of having them created.

The Benefits of a Custom Letterhead

Improving Your Corporate Image

When a potential customer sees that you have a high quality letterhead or business card they will immediately assume that you provide a high quality product or service. If you have an ongoing company image between all of your stationary including logo, business card, and letterhead and envelopes the potential customers will notice the effort you have put in.

Increasing Recognition

If a potential customer is walking past your physical store and your store uses the same colors as a letterhead they have already seen they will recognize the store and pay far more attention than they usually would. Having seen the company image before it is pulled from the sub-conscious into the conscious mind of the passer-by.

Increasing Website Traffic

If you include your URL on your letterhead and business card you are giving your customers the ability the research your business further, if they want to do so. Other important information should also be included on a letterhead such as phone number ad location.

Separating Yourself From The Competition

If a custom letterhead is the only way you can differentiate yourself from your competition it could be a brilliant marketing decision to do so. If I was to receive a letter on blank white paper from one company and a letter on a well-designed letterhead from another company, I would be far more interested in the second company, that’s the effect professional letterhead design has.

Cheap Letterheads and Free Letterhead Templates

Letterhead printing usually costs around $0.10 per letterhead and is purchased in bulk such as 1000+ to receive a reasonable price per unit. Having a letterhead custom designed for your business tends to cost $100 but can cost more or less depending or the amount of revisions you want and if you already have a logo and color scheme and so on.

An alternative to paying for a custom design is to use a free letterhead template. Using a free letterhead template can make the design process absolutely free leaving you to only pay for printing. An example of a free letter template that released by follows –

Free Letterhead Sample

Lawyer Letterhead

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