The single most important internet marketing technique

Too many people believe that cloning a successful website will bring them riches and fame, sadly it won’t. The most important marketing technique every person will benefit from knowing is to differentiate yourself from your competition. If somebody sees a clone of YouTube they have no reason to use it since it doesn’t offer anything more than YouTube, it isn’t worth the visitor’s time to bookmark it. Offering something new, innovative or ground-breaking gives the visitor a reason to bookmark the site, return again or even link to the site.

When developing a new website, Keywords Database – Highest paying Adsense keywords, I remembered this technique “to differentiate myself from the competition”. My differentiation is that the majority of my competitors sell paid membership/software while mine is a free (ad powered) web-based tool. Because of this differentiation I have seen quite a few natural backlinks pop up, mainly in forums where people are talking about it, which has brought some decent traffic. Having a website worth talking about is what can really make a website take off.

Here’s some examples of successful website differentiation –

  • John Chow – Lots of people talk about John Chow because he openly displays his website’s earnings (and they are significant).
  • Pro Blogger – Frequent, high quality and useful content is something not all websites provide, Pro Blogger does provide this.
  • Blue Hat SEO – Very innovative gray hat SEO ideas, the sort of ideas that you would expect to be kept secret.
  • Keywords Database – A free tool when the alternatives cost money.

Google didn’t get where they are today by copying their competitors, they became the search engine with highest market share by continually improving their search algorithm to provide searchers with the best results possible. Studying the big guys is useful for finding good marketing techniques, but cloning or mimicking them won’t get you far at all. Give your target audience something they don’t already have and they will love you for it (and hopefully give you a link or two), and in turn your site will succeed.

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