Top 6 Self Discipline Tools (and some Tips)

If you’re like me, you were not born with amazing self discipline. Self discipline is in fact learned and can be improved with practice. While you do have to practice to have good self discipline, having the right self discipline tools gives you a big push in the right direction. Not only will the right tools help you to achieve your goals much quicker, but they’ll also get you into the habit of working toward your goals regularly, in turn showing you that working on your goals is not hard or painful.

Self Discipline Pinboard

I’ll let you in on a few of my own personalized tools, the ones which have most drastically improved my self discipline. After implementing all of these tools, I have been achieving each month roughly as much as I previously would have in 6 months – I achieve roughly 6 times more of my goals. Previously my procrastination was significant, now it is small.

1. A Goals List

Goals List

You can only achieve your goals if you know what they are. So the first step is to write down your short term and long term goals. If they look hard to achieve, break the goals down into smaller steps. My list is roughly 20 goals, 10 short term (less than 3 months) and 10 long term (more than 3 months). Each day I will work toward at least 1, but usually 2-3 or maybe more. You can download our free Goals List Template.

2. A Rewards List

Rewards List

If you assign rewards to your goals you’ll be sub-consciously more motivated to work toward and achieve them. Create a list of all the rewards you’d like to have and assign them to some of your goals, smaller rewards with smaller goals or tasks. My rewards list includes things like travel (local or international), entertainment (movies, shows, sports), food (special food, restaurants), objects (musical instruments, sports equipment, household), activities (sports, special dates) and reading (books, magazines). Think of your own desires, it’ll help to motivate you!

3. Day Planner

Day Planner

Seeing your days tasks in front of you definitely motivates you to get started on the tasks rather than procrastinate. Then being able to tick them off the list once they’re complete feels good, you know you’ve accomplished what you may otherwise not have. I usually tick with a green highlighter, giving my brain an extra subliminal “good job” (green is associated with good things). You can download our free Day Planner Template.

4. Good Motivation


This one is particularly important for me. Money and material things have stopped meaning as much to me lately, so I need another motivation. I have found a great one – an amazing girl and a possible future together, so I work toward achievement, self improvement and financial security. Your motivation should be related to happy feelings you’ll have from achieving your goals.

5. Self Discipline Pin Board


Putting your self discipline tools into a pile won’t work, you’ll forget to look at them. For me a pin board works best with my tools plus a few wise words. Click the photo above to see the full workspace.

6. Book: Self Discipline in 10 Days

Self Discipline in 10 Days

This book definitely gave me the understanding of myself that I needed to be self disciplined. It helps you to understand what is causing you to procrastinate or simply not achieve what you would like to. Combine this book with the tools I gave you above and you’ll achieve a lot! This book has changed the course of my life and it is definitely worth $1000s but it costs just $30.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everybody who wants to achieve more. Buy it from Amazon.

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